2Excel Aviation Ltd
2Excel Aviation Ltd is an innovation business that specializes in doing difficult things in the aerospace services sector, well. 2Excel Aviation is an airline Operator that started life as the world’s only globally accredited aerobatic airline and then diversified to meet evolving market needs operating over 20 aircraft and 5 different types on its AOCs. It provides development test and evaluation flying (2009), A-to-B passenger flying (2010), air-land-integration training (2011), aerial dispersant capability (2013), special operations Public Transport (2014), aerospace design, certification and production (2014), worldwide cargo, including dangerous goods and munitions of war (2014) and, helicopter operations (2015).

Key to those evolving capabilities has been the development of 2Excel’s Air Operators Certificates (AOCs) (both GB 2299), without which the Company would not be able to carry fare-paying passengers or cargo. Maintaining those AOCs requires professionalism, quality and safety so, the Company has developed a bespoke safety management system to quantify, manage and mitigate the risks it takes. It also relies upon its continuing airworthiness approval (UK.MG.0231) especially as it implements its many, complex, design changes under its Design Organisation Approvals (EASA 21J.321 and AD/2069/09). While its Production Organisation (UK.21G.2675) creates kits with Form 1s, these parts must be installed onto aircraft by approved Part 145 MROs which, until 2015, have always been sub-contracted, including to ATC Lasham.
With ownership of all these Part 145 Approval, 2Excel can internalize its maintenance and repair third-party risk to control its operations better. As an Operator, 2Excel is only too aware of the frustrations of sub-contracting MROs, which is why the theme of partnership is at the heart of the 2Excel Engineering development strategy.
The Lasham Site
The most important asset of any business is its people and 2Excel Engineering is no exception. Having retained 43 staff from ATC Lasham Ltd under TUPE, 2Excel Engineering doubled the workforce in 4 months and is growing that workforce to 100 staff in 2016. Bringing back many of the engineers made redundant by ATC Lasham in 2015 confers on the new 2Excel team a depth of experience, knowledge and, crucially, instant teamwork. Harnessing that experience, in expansive and long-established facilities with existing tools and supporting work-shops has meant that 2Excel Engineering, from a standing start, has already established an extraordinary capability.

Keeping ATC Lasham as the Company’s trading name, a salute to the heritage and expertise of the people who remain, 2Excel Engineering has taken the kernel of its capabilities and has quickly established its credibility with the Authority such that it has already gained a new Boeing 757 Approval as it grows its scope and capacity to meet the market’s needs.
A brand new MRO built on 60 Years’ of Experience
2Excel Engineering Ltd is a brand new Part 145 Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) primarily for narrow-bodied Boeing jets.

It has been created by using the long-standing engineering experience of the personnel of ATC Lasham Ltd under a new management team led by 2Excel Aviation Ltd and TAG Aviation (Stansted) Ltd. This new team shares a vision of rebuilding a formidable MRO at the established large-aircraft facilities at Lasham Airfield in north Hampshire (which have been previously occupied by ATC Lasham Ltd, FLS Aerospace and DAN-AIR Engineering Ltd). As such, the Company is built from three constituent parts.
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TAG Aviation (Stansted) (TAG)
TAG is an established Boeing aircraft spares specialist with a long history of working with the former ATC Lasham Ltd and exceptional knowledge about the global markets for aircraft spares and Boeing aircraft themselves. Since 2006, TAG has built up a large inventory of spares, a modern and replete database and an exceptional knowledge of how to deal in the Boeing aircraft market. TAG buys aircraft from sellers around the world and repairs, upgrades, re-roles and, where necessary, re-registers them for sale back into the market. 2Excel Engineering offers TAG the opportunity to control its third party risks and confers on TAG an agile engineering capability to increase its market share.

For 2Excel Engineering, TAG’s expertise is crucial. While the heritage of ATC Lasham Ltd’s engineering is incontrovertible, its customers went elsewhere even before it went into administration. Like 2Excel Aviation, as a customer itself, TAG understand only too well how it feels to be on the other side of the fence. Acquiring new customers and bringing old customers back to the Lasham facilities are essential to the future of 2Excel Engineering. Trevor Gunn leads the new 2Excel Engineering commercial department. His mandate is to quickly regain 2Excel a credible, sustainable and appropriate position in the MRO market.
2Excel Engineering Ltd
Thus, 2Excel Engineering Ltd is a new Company, built on the foundations of 3 established and very successful aerospace businesses, which is growing a new MRO from the ashes of ATC Lasham Ltd. Building on the excellent heritage and large aircraft engineering expertise at the Lasham site, 2Excel Engineering is fully committed to re-moulding the facilities into a formidable 6-Bay Part 145 capability and modernizing the working practices to create a resounding commercial success.